Here’s how Gaetan Lagneaux, the owner and founder of Château Petit Bocq as we know it today, talked about his wine:
What we like in a wine is and always will be subjective. It is a special and fleeting relationship, the expression of a specific terroir, a chosen vintage at a specific point in time, a bond between the wine and the taster.


Our wines are the best reflection of our philosophy, which is that every single plot is unique and deserves to be part of our Grand Vin. To reach this level of excellence, we adapt our methods for each individual plot and we plan every step and every intervention methodically throughout the year.

This is why we only make one wine, and you will never find wine from our carefully tended plots in any other blend.

Château Petit Bocq’s uniqueness also comes from its unusually oaky bouquet, which really makes it stand out: nicely balanced and lightly toasted oak brings out aromas of mocha, coffee and black fruits.

In conclusion, we strive to produce a great wine that combines the best of Bordeaux and Médoc, but is also proud of its Saint Estèphe origins. We favour finesse and balance over excessive ripeness, a combination best described as “an iron hand in a velvet glove”. Our wine provides excellent value for money and it’s a perfect companion to a nice meal.

“Maybe not the best Saint-Estèphe wine, but definitely one that will become a favourite for many.”
Dr Gaetan Lagneaux

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